Monday, May 10, 2004


We are becoming intimately acquainted with our new bricks and mortar. Or, more specifically, with the cracks and gouges contained therein. New homeowners that we are, we of course wanted to make our mark on something. We figured that our bedroom, with its vast expanses of wall, would be a fairly safe bet for a quick makeover. Little did we suspect the horrors that lay beneath the wallpaper, the marks that we would first have to erase.

Since we stripped off the paper last weekend, we have spent every waking, at home hour filling holes in the walls. They are practically white all over, and we are on our third packet of Polyfilla. Ah, the joys of DIY. Had we understood the scale of the job, we might have just got a plasterer in (it sounds easy, but is not without attendant problems in a town where houses are scarce and tradesmen are king).

The delights of sanding and painting await us, but tonight's a night off.

Other adventures of late...

A trip to the Scottish Borders this weekend, to show face at a boring conference and do a bit of exploring on the side. I can highly recommend the coffee shop at Floors Castle, where the very tasty food is prepared by the Duke of Roxburghe's chef.

Work is keeping me busy - we're gearing up for Adult Learners' Week, which means 10 national events, 500+ local events, a mountain of promotional junk to be sent throughout Scotland, lots of media attention and frazzled people, and me stuck in the middle somewhere. Fun!

Another Kate recommendation - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Love that movie. Charlie Kaufman is a genius indeed.