Tuesday, February 28, 2006

in by the skin of my teeth

It's the last day of February, and so far this is the first month since the beginning of EH10 without a post. Ingrid told me today that even Berin was more up-to-date than me. A sorry state of affairs.

We're in New Zealand, Auckland for the moment but off to Wellington tomorrow and Nelson on Saturday. Chasing awaythe last vestiges of summer wherever we go - Auckland is feeling decidedly autumnal, and everyone gladly tells us that this is a new thing.

We've still experienced a lot more sunshine than our pasty scots skin is used to - A. managed to get sunburnt behind the ears while boogie boarding. Not something that could ever happen in Edinburgh! And Friday, a year to the day since I last arrived in NZ, a year since my brother died, was the most perfect day anyone could have wished for - still, clear, cloudless and warm. We spent the day as a family up at Mangawhai, up and kayaking at dawn, watched the sun rise over the Barrier, stunning...I'll post some pics when back on broadband.

Until then...I'm on holiday!