Thursday, March 23, 2006

Auckland special

from the Waiheke ferry, taken by Andrew. Dramatic weather, anyone?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

late summer in new zild

Saturday afternoon, 2 pm, Waiheke
Lazy days on the island - Fayth and I test drive the Taylors' new hammock.

Friday morning, 7 am, Mangawhai estuary
The perfect start to the most perfect day of our trip. Warm enough for an early morning swim (if you're crazy and go by the name of Caragh). The rest of us waited till it got really hot. Not a cloud in the sky, all day.

Thursday night, 8pm, Tinakori Bistro, Wellington
Andrew's birthday dinner, cheesy grins all round

Friday afternoon, 3pm, Civic Square, Wellington
The big fern ball in civic square and a big ole Wellington sky.

Saturday morning, 10am, Mangawhai golf course

Check out that swing! A. makes like he was born golfing.

More pics on Flickr.

Two and a bit weeks passed in the blink of an eye. The sun shone, most of the time. We swam a few times. We drank excellent coffee every time. The company was excellent and food delicious. Sights were familiar, friendly, nostalgic. All good.

Listening to: The Return of Fly My Pretties
Reading: An Unexpected Light, by Jason Elliot

Thursday, March 16, 2006

being back

It's 6am, I've been wide awake since not much after 5. Doesn't bode well for my participation in a role-play (I know, but it's work-related) this evening. The jet lag is still hanging about - sending me to sleep while eating dinner, waking me early. A positive benefit is I get to see the pre-dawn snow, which is blanketing my world in white as I write. It's beautiful.

I had been expecting spring to have sprung by the time we got home. Sure, there are crocuses, but today they'll be buried by the snow. Before today, Edinburgh's just had that matt, flat grey light that doesn't much change from dawn to dusk, accompanied by cold to chill the bones.

Our flat seems really small after 3 weeks away in NZ-proportioned spaces, but cosy and warm thanks to insulation and central heating (I wish NZ had the plot on this).

Listening to: Fly My Pretties, No. 2 Soundtrack, Loop compilation and assorted other soundz of home.

Wishing I was: on the beach

About to eat: porridge - what else would do for a snowy morning?

Watching: Swimming at the Commonwealth Games. Beginning to see benefits of this jetlag.