Sunday, September 25, 2005


Caragh arrived from NZ yesterday. Today we went to the Wallace Monument, in Stirling. It rained a bit, and we witnessed the arrest of a crazy man half way up the tower (handcuffed and dragged away, it was all quite exciting). Notice the similarity of the wallace statue to a much shorter Australian actor. The most impressive thing was Wallace's sword - at least as tall as me, meaning that the man who wielded it would need to be at least 6'6!

Since last post I've also been to Italy with the Taylors and Greece with work - more photos when time & visitors permit!

Monday, September 05, 2005

As the pics suggest, Franz F. are looking more like the Beatles than ever - sharply suited, gorgeously coiffed, ever so cool. They even sound more like the fab 4 than most bands of the moment. The stage set was stunning, almost better looking than the Castle in the background, From the Dr Who intro to the explosive This Fire, they rocked.

At Princes Street Gardens again last night, this time for the fireworks. Spectacular.

Much activity in between whiles - preparation for Taylor visit, then a hectic weekend of tripping about - Pentlands, Modern Art Gallery, rugby, Harvey Nics, Ikea (on every kiwi's must see list, it seems!) - in glorious sunshine. Fat Freddy's tomorrow. Looking forward to it.