Friday, November 10, 2006

a picture from our hols in Greece that I had forgotten about...

...and that made us laugh a lot!

I think this might be the best hat I've ever seen.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jim Anderton defends kiwifruit

After last week's Stern report, and spurious subsequent comments about NZ food miles, Jim Anderton's been writing letters to the editor, and was all huff and puff on this morning's Today Programme. And oh so kiwi. Quote of the interview:
If European producers want to make the argument [about food miles] based on solid scientific evidence, they're going to be on a hiding to nothing.
It's ages since I've heard that phrase, but it's a goody.

Since I'm talking about solid scientific evidence (instead of, say, our latest travels or what the neighbours are up to), the Dilbert blog had a pretty exhaustive discussion about stem cells (very much on the agenda in the US because of the mid-terms). It's far too much to plough through, but a small sampling gives a flavour of the range of information and otherwise out there.

And if that's not enough stem cell action for you, take a look at this film I made (you'll need Flash player).