Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"It's not really bothering us"

An ohhhmmmm update. Our neighbours one-up are going crazy - one has moved back with her mum this week to get some sleep. Last Thursday, we slept in the lounge on the airbed, marginally more tolerable than the noise in the bedroom. And this morning I think the whole building was vibrating.

Meanwhile, the source of the hum has been identified (2-up). But it's not really bothering them, so they haven't done anything about it.

I think our neighbour impressed on them the gravity of the situation this weekend, though, and hope to return to quiet nights sometime soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Neigh wach man (sic)

Hot off the press, in our letterbox today, comes this from the inimitable, indomitable Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter for Jordan Lane East:

I was very disappointed last month to have a copy of the Newsletter pushed under our gate wrapped in a clear plastic glove for protection, and I presume, to protect the messages written on the newsletter. The message written in highlighter pen and addressed "To Neigh wach man" threatening that the Leith boys will Get you" was accompanied by language not even used on Big Brother. As I put every copy through a letterbox I can only assume someone doesn't appreciate my efforts.
Phew. What an intro. My eyes are peeled for ned-like sorts wielding highlighters lurking in our stair. In fact, I have a theory about the culprit.

Meanwhile, our man with the binocs remains undeterred, and furnished us with a cracker this month. Highlights include the theft of over £30 worth of deodorants, followed just six days later with an upped ante of £50 worth of antiperspirant products from the same shop. By my calculation that would be 25 or more deodorants. That's a lot of the underarm stuff. Either someone's figured out how to make speed from it, or the thieves have some serious perspiration problems. Mysterious.

You see why this city's produced so many great crime writers?

Saturday, September 02, 2006


No, not the relaxing meditation chant. Quite the opposite.

Instead it's an unexplained, unpredictable, unlocatable noise in our building somewhere. Rating as highly as Berin's frogs as a sleep impediment, and able to penetrate earplugs (I'm beginning to think it just makes my skull vibrate), it's becoming a problem. We think it's in the pipes, somewhere, but no amount of water running or boiler fiddling makes a jot of difference. Must be pipes upstairs, over which we have no control. And usually comes on after 11, when we can't really visit neighbours to investigate.

Apart from mild sleep deprivation, everything's fine. Spotted this picture of a familiar view in a charity shop window yesterday, had to have it!